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Picture of Lisa Taylor-Stone
About me

Experienced goal-oriented virtual and hybrid events expert.

Over 14+ years’ experience in the events design and management space amplified by excellent operational, marketing, financial, management and information systems experience spanning the private and public sectors.

Outstanding leadership qualities

Proven ability to accomplish corporate objectives

Expertise in developing and integrating operational and strategic plans


I can help
you with

Pre-Event Design and Logistics Planning

+ Design and development of event concepts
+ Collaborative partnership proposals development
+ Developed the event Gantt chart and implementation
+ Event running order and agenda

Stakeholder Engagement & Management
Speakers, moderators, hosts, attendees

+ Development of stakeholder engagement framework and strategy
+ Speaker sourcing and engagement
+ Development of the attendee recruitment strategy

Resource Mobilization & Partnership Management

+ Partnership pitch deck development and customization
+ Convening and hosting partner pitch sessions
+ Lead negotiations and closing partnership deals
+ General partner management and engagement

In collaboration with our or your Communications Partners, we oversee

the development of marketing and promotional collateral approved outputs for traditional and social media campaigns, approved all distribution channels for virtual and hybrid events including but not limited to: event websites, virtual event portals and internal virtual environments, event magazines and partner websites that acted as a hub for virtual and hybrid events.

Production & Operations

Hosting speaker and moderator briefs, developing engagement tools and templates for speakers and moderators, designing and leading capacity-building sessions for speakers and moderators and the implementing team, hosting dry run sessions and coordinating technical audio-visual checks.

Event Venue Sourcing and Management
Virtual, Physical & Hybrid Events

Source and confirm the most suitable venue to host face-to-face and hybrid events.

Event Evaluation & Analytics

Design and integrate end-user evaluation feedback form to facilitate data capture from speakers, moderators, attendees, exhibitors and the event planning and implementing teams culminating in report preparation.


What clients
have to say

“I first had contact with Lisa in February 2017, she phoned me from Jamaica, I live in Australia, to see if I would be the Keynote Speaker at the Jamaican Employee Engagement Conference in October 2017. I found Lisa to be thoroughly researched, extremely professional and convincing to have me travel across the World!

When arriving in Kingston Lisa had everything planned from meeting key Executives, TV appearance on “Good Morning Jamaica” amongst them. The Conference was an amazing success in no small part from the amazing work of Lisa and her team.

Pre COVID I travelled the World speaking and this was one of my most enjoyable due to the detailed planning of Lisa and her attention to detail.“

Ken Wright (Australia)

Conference Speaker, Executive Engagement Coach, International Business Growth Consultant Author “The People Pill”

“I have known Lisa Taylor-Stone for over nine (9) years in both a professional and personal capacity. Lisa is a known trailblazer that has created and implemented many impactful and lasting solutions within the entities she has served.

She is shrewd and innovative and has a track record of being a high achiever. A creative and meticulous individual who strives for excellence at all times and epitomizes what a true professional should be. As such, she is well known and respected by her superiors and peers alike for her professionalism and high standard of work.

Lisa is multi-talented and has a myriad of cutting-edge skills that are applicable to any area of business. Some of her expertise that readily comes to mind include: Strategic Planning, Research, Project Management, International Events Planning & Management, Training & Development, Public Speaking, Resource Mobilization, and Data Analytics.

In addition, she has excellent business acumen.Lisa’s work ethic is unchallenged and her integrity and professionalism unquestionable. It is against this background that I unreservedly endorse her undertakings.“

Mervelyn Harvey-Doughorty

Assistant Vice President, Massy Distribution (JA) Ltd. May, 2021

“I am Valerie P. Veira, C.D., J.P., Chief Executive Officer of the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (Jamaica).

Mrs. Lisa Taylor-Stone was employed to JBDC during the period July 1, 2013 to July 26, 2019 in the capacity of Manager – Project Management and Research Department (PMRD). She led a team of five (5) Team members, four of which were University graduates. Lisa reported directly to me in my capacity as CEO of the organization.

Under Lisa’s guidance, the role of the department evolved substantially. The role of the department became recognized as a key guide to the JBDC in developing programmes for supporting the development of the Micro, Small and Medium-sized enterprise sector (MSME) for which JBDC has the mandate to lead.

It is also through the many Research projects conducted by the Team under her leadership that JBDC has become recognized as the source for reliable data on the sector. This is an important legacy that continues.

Lisa is self-motivated and is constantly reaching forward not only for her workplace assignment but importantly, her personal development.

I expect her to continue making a sterling contribution wherever and whenever she decides. She is no longer employed to JBDC, but will always have an open door to me as she needs. I celebrate her ability to dream big, to execute big and to succeed big. A great future is always on the horizon for Lisa.“

Valerie Veira CD, JP

Chief Executive Officer, Jamaica Business Development Corporation

“I am Olivene Thomas, the Unit Coordinator of the Human Resource Development Graduate Programmes Unit in the Department of Sociology, Psychology and Social Work at The University of the West Indies’ (UWI) Mona Campus in Kingston, Jamaica.

As the chief architect of the operations in my Unit I thought that it would be a good idea for me to take a course in grant proposal-writing. I found one advertised by the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) and enrolled.

I met Lisa there, as she was the head of the unit at the JBDC that was responsible for delivering the course. I was impressed not only by the content delivered by the slew of experts employed by the programme, but also by the follow-up that the JBDC did to ensure that participants got our projects completed and financed.

Our Master’s programme at the university already had a course in Small Business Development and Growth, but I confess that I spoke with our lecturer to ensure that we were delivering a course that included all of the JBDC’s components to our students. Beyond this, I suggested the need for grant-writing classes for staff of the Faculty of Social Sciences when our Dean’s Office issued a questionnaire asking for suggestions for courses that would help with staff development.

Today we have an annual workshop, open to all academic staff-members to finetune this skill. This, however, is not the only way in which Lisa has impacted our work at The UWI. She also included us in the delivery of the Employee Engagement Conference that she and her staff organised between October 2017 and October 2019. We partnered with Lisa and her team to deliver the premier HR conference in Jamaica. Through this conference we were able to network with key industry players – some of whom have become guest lecturers in our classes and at our conferences; gather new material for use in our courses; and showcase the HR research being conducted at The UWI.

This was a truly auspicious alliance since we were also able to reconnect with several members of our alumni who have returned to support the Unit in its building endeavours. Personally, I have met few people who work as hard as Lisa and who inspire me as much as she has. I remember having that kind of drive earlier in my career, but I became jaded until I met her and wanted to reach again for the stars with respect to Jamaican HR. I believe that if we can get that right we will reclaim our economy and ultimately our society.

Lisa helps with that mission just by doing the work that she does and by incorporating us in her ride to the top.“

Olivene Thomas

Unit Coordinator of the Human Resource Development Graduate Programmes Unit in the Department of Sociology, Psychology and Social Work at The University of the West Indies’ (UWI) Mona Campus in Kingston, Jamaica


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